All Aboard The Lollipop Train Cleethorpes

Lollipop Train Cleethorpes

The Train Ride Where All Children Get A Lollipop

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About the Lollipop Train Cleethorpes

The Cleethorpes Lollipop road train is one of cleethorpes best loved attractions.

It is a small local family run firm owned by Mr Borge Nejrup, we have experienced qualified drivers, are wheelchair and pushchair friendly.

Dogs are welcome on a short lead.

Take an enjoyable fun ride along the seafront offering scenic views of the beach, sea and the beautiful flower beds.

It is a delightful journey for the young and not so young.

The train runs every 30 minutes following a route from the north promenade, near the 2016 award winning pier, linking up with the light railway near the leisure centre.

The cost is a £1.50 for adults / £1 for children / under 2yrs free / each way, children under two are free and all children are given a lollipop Travel in style and see why the lollipop train has won a gold award for the best Cleethorpes attraction experience and also presented with a gold award for East Midlands in bloom.

Reduced rates for groups and schools ( excluding weekends and school holidays )

Waiting for road train in Cleethorpes
Waving from train in Cleethorpes

Train Prices

Lollipop road train boat Cleethorpes

*£1.50 for Adults

*£1 for Children

Under 2yrs Free

*Each Way

  • All Children Get A Free Lollypop
  • Discount are available to large groups and schools please contact us to find out more
Route of Lollipop train Cleethorpes

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